Compulsory Basic Training

It is now compulsory for all riders to do CBT training.

If you are 16 or over you can complete your CBT training on a 50cc scooter.  If you are 17 years or older you can complete your CBT on a 125cc Scooter or 125cc motorcycle.


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Theory Test

The theory test consists of two parts. The Questions are all Highway Code Questions. There are 50 questions in this part of the test and the pass mark is 43.  To study for this, the best material is ‘The Official Theory Test for Motorcyclists’ and make sure it is up to date...


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Progressive Access/ A2

Progressive Access/ Category A2/ Minimum Age 19

Progressive Access - You can do your test on a medium size motorcycle up to 35kw power/weight ratio not exceeding 0.2kw/kg. The mimimum age for progressive Access is 19years. We use KTM 400cc or CB 500cc.


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Direct Access/Category A

Direct Access allows you to do your test on a large motorcycle over 40kw (Up until 2018)

The minimum age for Direct Access is 24yrs.

The process for the Direct Access is

Theory test, CBT (on a large motorcycle), Manoeuvres test and On Road test.

Information on the theory test can be found on the theory test page.

The CBT is from 9am - 4pm. We use SV 650cc bikes.

If you have no experience you will have to come for a 2hr lesson first.

Once you have completed CBT and theory test we can then book your Manouevres test and then On Road tests.

To get started all you need is a car licence, boots (does not have to be bike boots) and Jeans.

Contact us on:

BMG: 02866326169   Aideen 07780591388    Brian 07968135310

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Manoevures test/Off road test

The Manoeuvres Test tests your balance, steering and braking.

It consists of:

1. Slow Ride.

2. Slalom and Fig 8.

3. Walking and riding the bike in a U-Turn.

4. A Bend/curve ridden at approx 30km/hr.

5. A Hazard Avoidance/braking exercise at a minimum of 50km/hr.

6. An Emergency Braking Exercsie at a minimum speed of 50km/hr.

We use a Purpose Built Track to train  for this Test. It is the only purpose built track in Northern Ireland and is exact replica of the track used in the test. It is completely safe and free from all traffic.

On Road Test

The On Road Test consists of different types of routes through towns, country roads, junctions, roundabouts.

The Road test last approximately 40-60 minutes, and consists of different types of routes.

We use Omagh or Enniskillen town for on Road bike tests.



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